About Sophie Wild

Hi! I’m Sophie.

A pregnancy and birth coach, ecstatic birth expert, writer, and speaker dedicated to helping millions of women worldwide completely transform their relationship with themselves and birth.

Born and raised in Manchester, UK, I’ve spent years traveling the world to places like India, Bali, and London, while learning all I can about health, inner healing, and natural birthing.

 Today, I offer coaching and courses designed to transform women to become personally empowered — so they can experience a wild, mother-led pregnancy, ecstatic birth, and a blissful transition into motherhood.

“How did you end up in this line of work?” is a question I hear a lot.

The answer is that it all started with fear. Like most women, I grew up fearing birth.

My belief as a child was that birth had to be painful — and that the medical system offered us a way out! Everything that I was exposed to was ladened with fear and disconnection. The media, my elders, and even my wonderful mum convinced me that childbirth was the most painful experience you will ever encounter!

I remember covering up my eyes to watch babies being born on television and in films. I even remember at one point thinking that a planned c-section would be my choice of birth, so that I could numb out any pain!

It was clear that a guiding voice was missing from my life. It turned out the voice I was missing…was my own.

I lacked a connection to my body. I didn’t have a loving relationship with myself — desperately seeking approval and fulfillment from sources external to my body and my self. I was trapped in unhealthy, vicious cycles with food, relationships, work…you name it! And, I had no idea about the power of self-love and my source of inner wisdom.

After living this way for 24 years, I decided to take action.

I started with a nutritional health coaching course, which ended up opening my eyes to a whole new way of living. Feeling super empowered, I quit my busy London events management job, and headed home to Manchester to pursue a new career in health coaching.

I started to feel more like me, but I still had many unanswered questions. So, I took off to India to study yoga, philosophy, and anatomy, hoping to better discover this new (or old) version of myself.

And, then, the game -changer happened…

In India, I had a series of awakenings that confirmed what I knew all along — what had been buried deep under my societal programming — that I was enough! And that I bloody loved myself, just the way that I was.

EUREKA!! I knew from then on that I was capable of anything. My wings had grown, and I was ready to take flight. My life was about to get very exciting!

Being in my late twenties, thoughts of pregnancy and birth started to filter into my life. But with a new skill set on hand, my openness and awareness enabled me to look at birth in a whole new light. I just had this unbelievable knowing that birth could be completely different from what I was led to believe.

I witnessed my friend have a joyful waterbirth, which led me to start researching further. I became transfixed by the work of Ina May Gaskin, the mother of authentic midwifery. She opened my world up to endless possibilities. It affirmed to me that my knowing was, in fact, truth — and that there was another way.

Then, the universe gifted me a beautiful little soul.

Within those 9 magical months, I transformed every limiting belief, social programming, and story that had held me back. My divine feminine came into full alignment. I turned inwards and prepared myself so deeply on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level. .

I was fucking excited for the birth of my baby!!

Unearthing my most primal instincts, I laboured and birthed undisturbed in my home.

Instead of the pain people spoke about, I felt a pleasurable power. It was natural, the way my body was designed to give birth. There was joy and ecstasy…it was total bliss!

I experienced what can only be described as the most profound awakening of all, finding the soul of my being in the depths of surrender.

I had to share my newfound knowledge, mindset, and powerful set of tools with other women, so that they might experience a natural, wild, ecstatic birth as I did. Now, I’m on a mission of passion

After experiencing my own struggles with self-worth, inward connection, and birth trauma, to now being a certified health coach, yoga instructor, KG Hypnobirthing teacher, doula, and the happy mother of a lovely boy — I’m living proof that personal transformation is truly possible.

— to help millennial women establish a brand-new relationship with themselves, pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

I want to help you transform from feeling lost, unsure, uninformed — and having a standard western medical birth — to feeling connected to the wisdom that exists within, so that you can experience a joyful, primal, ecstatic birth.

You have the capacity to change from being blocked from your womb space and feeling disconnected from motherhood, to being an empowered, connected mother.

As an empowered expectant mother, I believe you have the right to:

  • Have a strong support system during pregnancy and birth to help you navigate the Western medical establishment and other options on your terms.
  • The tools and information you need to confidently experience a birth that is in alignment with your choices.
  • Feel fully empowered and supported, without anxiety or stress, knowing that you aren’t going through this alone.
  • Connect to the wisdom that exists within you, awakening the goddess that lay dormant.
  • Live in your deepest authenticity, with a wonderful connection to yourself, your baby & partner.

This is why I celebrate and coach ecstatic, woman-centered birth — to support you in connecting with your true self.

 A woman who is connected to her true self is a woman who claims her full power; receiving all that she has the right to.

Through the deep inner work we’ll do together, you will awaken — as I did — to your true nature, and experience a wild, mother-led pregnancy, primal birth, and a blissful transition into motherhood.

Let’s do this together — not just for me, or for you, but for all our sisters, mothers, and ancestors.

Let’s shake it up, one ecstatic birth at a time.

I'm ready to birth in power! 


Let's Connect!  Sophie xx


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