Ecstatic Birth Transformation 1:1 Coaching


Create a new connection between your mind, body, and baby while preparing for your ecstatic birth

— resulting in total transformation!

Hello Mumma — are you ready to totally transform into motherhood and a wonderful  empowered life?

Do you find yourself dealing with anxiety and fears about birthing?

Are you having trouble navigating the medical system and all the available natural birthing options?

Do your bodily changes and emotional states get overwhelming?

Are you afraid of going through your pregnancy and birth alone?

Is your feeling of disconnection from your baby and partner becoming a big concern?

I feel you beautiful. I’ve been through all of this. I know first-hand what it’s like to go through a pregnancy journey and natural, ecstatic birth. I understand how alone and confusing it all feels. There’s a lot going on to deal with at the same time!

Having a trusted and informed person to support you in all these parts of your life at once is a hard thing to find. The good news is, you’re not alone. I’m here for you.

Don’t worry, you are amazing inside & out — and your ecstatic birth will be amazing too!

I’ve put together an Ecstatic Birth Transformation 1:1 Coaching programme that’s got just what you need. It offers private, 1:1 transformational coaching online for women and birthing couples at any stage of their pregnancy. I’ll walk hand-in-hand with you through your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience.

In this healing and awakening process, we’ll release old traumas, and connect with your inner womb wisdom. Together, we’ll overcome fears and shift the limiting beliefs around birth that are causing you anxiety.

You’ll step into the confidence and clarity you need to manifest a successful natural birth on your terms.

With Ecstatic Birth Transformation 1:1 Coaching, you’ll…

  • Gain more confidence. 
  • Create deeper, more meaningful connections to your womb, body, baby, and partner.
  • Have greater choice and knowledge of your birthing options.
  • Be really excited about birth and becoming a mumma!
  • Have access to abundant energy while enjoying being in your body.

How It Works

Ecstatic Birth Transformation 1:1 Coaching is done entirely online. Once you’re in the programme, we work together to set your ideal call schedule. Before each session, I send a Zoom link to your email. Zoom is a reliable, easy-to-use, and free video chat app. You can use it on your computer, phone, or tablet — so we can do coaching calls from wherever is most convenient for you. At the designated time, simply click on the link to open the app, sign in, and we’re chatting together just like that!

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn everything you need to know about having an ecstatic birth. Powerful tools and techniques for relaxation. Essential nutrition and physiology information. Ancient birth knowledge. Unleashing your inner goddess, and taking back your power!

Working together — combining your dedication & commitment with my attentive support & powerful resources — you’ll be on your way to the ecstatic, natural birth experience of your dreams!

  • Fears & Blocks
  • Forgiveness & Letting Go
  • Womb Wisdom – Connecting, Healing & Awakening
  • Birth Imprinting & Manifesting 
  • Breathing & Meditation
  • Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Positions
  • Trust & Intuition
  • Birthing Wisdom 
  • Choices 
  • Self-worth/Value
  • Stepping Into Your Purpose & Power 
  • Postnatal Healing

What’s included

Worksheets, Checklists & Bonus Resources

Downloadable MP3s

Streaming Videos

Private Facebook Group

Special Discounted Offers – Courses, Masterclasses & Retreats

75 Minute Meetings on Zoom

24 hr WhatsApp support

Birth Debrief Session

PostPartum Support

Option to Be at Your Birth *extra*

What Clients Are Saying

Sophie was lovely, I felt so at ease with her immediately. We knew she was the right person to help us with this journey!

– Emma Corfield

I feel human again! I don’t feel alone like I did before. Sophie’s techniques and exercises help me daily.

– Kathryn Warburton

Just spending time calmly talking through birth with her is enough to fill you to the brim with confidence and excitement about going through birth — something I never expected!

– Rose Donell

Free Bonus Trainings!!!

When you sign up for Ecstatic Birth Transformation 1:1 Coaching, you also get 5 amazing bonus trainings promoting increased connection, relaxation, and manifestation!


Love Magnet – An intimate session with you and your partner designed to increase intimacy, connection, alignment & trust. A £120 value!

Create an Epic Birth Plan & Manifest Your Dream Birth – Every birth needs a plan — and this awesome video training will give you amazing results! A £70 value!

Effortless Pregnancy Yoga Training – Insights to a powerful practice that Sophie recommends implementing into your daily routine for a comfortable, calm, and confident pregnancy. A £49.50 value!

You’re a Birthing Queen – Birth affirmations to help get you in the right mindset for totally rocking your birth! A stunning collection of printable birth affirmations, images & quotes that will empower your ecstatic birth. A £25 value!

Sleep Magic – A soothing relaxation to calm your senses and relax the whole body and mind for a tranquil sleep. ‘I feel human again’ – Kathryn Warburton. A £15 value!

It’s time to get the support you need, take control of your birthing experience,
and connect to your inner wisdom.

Are you ready to become an empowered mother with a deep, wonderful connection to yourself, your baby, and your partner?

Simply click the button below and fill in the application form. We’ll schedule an initial call to discuss how Ecstatic Birth Transformation 1:1 Coaching can help you experience a joyful, primal, ecstatic birth.

I'm ready to birth in power! 


Let's Connect!  Sophie xx


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