Manifesting an Ecstatic Birth Masterclass

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Learn to manifest your ecstatic birth by tapping into a limitless well of birthing magic anywhere, anytime.

 A 4-week online masterclass that gives you ALL you need to know!

Are you ready to take your birthing experience to the next level, in a fun, loving & supportive way?

If you want to experience transformation of your birth experience AND your life, then this course is for you!

I know what it’s like to live a life full of suffering, constantly playing the victim role. It’s no fun. I want you to take responsibility, and live a life of true freedom — just like I did.

I remember lacking a sense of direction. There were all sorts of information flying at me from all angles — and I felt confused and frustrated.

What I did have was an extraordinary knowing, that there was more out there than what I was experiencing, and that language and wisdom that was being slowly unraveled to me.

It can be super overwhelming being pregnant and often it’s hard to find the right support.
No one should go through this journey alone, or be left with unanswered questions.

If you want to

  • Get crystal clear on your exact choices for your birth.
  • Know how to make your desired birth an actual reality.
  • Understand the physiology of birth.
  • Have the power to feel confident and create strong & loving boundaries.

Then the Manifesting an Ecstatic Birth Masterclass is the soul medicine you need.

I’ve spent 4 years working with clients worldwide, researching, educating myself, speaking to leading experts and experiencing ecstatic birth transformation first-hand.

I’ve spent 4 years working with clients worldwide, researching, educating myself, speaking to leading experts and experiencing ecstatic birth transformation first-hand.

What I’ve learned is this: Birth is the blueprint for all other aspects of your life. And you need to feel like a total goddess — Relaxed, Inspired, Informed, Confident — during the entire process.

This why I made it my mission to teach women how to have an empowered, ecstatic birth.

But here’s the thing — I realized that I don’t have time and space to teach everyone who needs access to this information in a 1:1 setting or even on group retreats.

So I’ve bundled up all of these high-level learnings into a masterclass — just for you!

It’s ideal for women at all stages of pregnancy, people supporting women during pregnancy and birth, and birth workers. It’s also recommended for non-pregnant women who are curious to transform their birth experience when it happens.

If you can’t commit time or resources to 1:1 coaching, I totally get it — so this is a fabulous place to get all my content at the click of a few buttons — and for a fraction of the price!

What you’ll learn

How to tap into a limitless well of birthing magic anywhere, anytime in a 4-week, self paced online masterclass. This practical course teaches you all there is to know about how to manifest your ecstatic birth. It’s a deep dive preparation for those wanting to take a leap towards a birth beyond your wildest dreams You’ll journey towards empowerment and transform into living life in your deepest authenticity. Spoiler Alert: You are the creator!

What’s included

  • 4-week masterclass with Lifetime Access to the material.
  • 5 potent coaching videos (approx. 60 min. each)
  • Weekly downloadable workbooks, so you can reap the full benefits of the training.
  • 2 Bonus Downloads!! Breathing Techniques for Birth (2 – mp3 audios) + Sleep Magic meditation audio
  • Dedicated Private Facebook Group – Your tribe of like-minded mummas together in a safe place to ask questions, feel supported, and get inspired.

Potent Coaching Videos

Video 1: Introduction

Ready…get set…GO! Get to know me and get your mindset in the game. This is going to be an amazing 4 weeks together. Are you as excited and ready as I am?

Video 2: Relaxed

To experience an ecstatic birth we need lots of oxytocin — the love hormone! We can only access this if we are calm and relaxed. I’ll teach you how to create the best setting; clear stories, expectations, beliefs and traumas; and get into the deepest state of ‘zen’ for your birth.

Video 3: Excited

Birth IS exciting! Do you hear that often enough? I’ll get you into the right headspace, so that you can feel totally exhilarated about your birth. You’ll learn how to step into your power and worthiness. We’ll create womb magic, understand birth imprinting, and make deep connections to your unborn child and to your partner. You’ll be left buzzing!

Video 4: Informed

This is your fast track wisdom. I hear this all too often — ‘I didn’t know how it all worked’ — and it was me growing up too! Avoid the ‘mistakes’ as we delve deep into the science of birthing. But I promise it will be uber-FUN!

Video 5: Confident

You are the creator! This final week is all about getting empowered and fine-tuning your intuition. After all, this experience has the ability to change you forever, in the most INCREDIBLE way! I can’t wait to see your transformation!

What Clients Are Saying

I love your energy in this!!??

Debbie Callway 

Love this! Sophie is amazing!

– Sophie Amanda

Just spending time calmly talking through birth with her is enough to fill you to the brim with confidence and excitement about going through birth — something I never expected!

– Rose Donell

To enroll in the Manifesting an Ecstatic Birth Master-class, sign up below. The special price is only £220 — and you’ll have Lifetime Membership Access to all the Video masterclasses. As soon as you’re enrolled, an email with the first video will be sent to your inbox — and you can begin!

Leave your doubts, fears, and anxiety about birth behind.

Create the mastery you deserve — by stepping into your power, inspiration, and authenticity!
It’s time for you to shift — and birth connected, ecstatic, and free!

My Guarantee I feel so confident that this masterclass will offer you the transformation you need — but if you feel the course is not working for you in the first 2 weeks, you’ll get a 100% refund. Refund Terms & Conditions: I will ask to see your workbooks to verify you have been putting the work in. There is no refund after 2 weeks.

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