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Free – 10 Minute Pregancy Yoga Introduction Videos.

These 5 video series will introduce you to the benefits of pregrancy yoga and to Sophie’s wonderful unique teaching style. Feel relaxed whilst you connect to your body and baby. 

Weekly Online Pregancy Yoga Sessions.

For only £5 per week get access to Sophie’s online catalogue of pregnacy yoga classes, with a new class uploaded every week.  

        Ecstatic Birth Mini-Course

Sophie’s mini course is the perfect introduction into the world of ecstatic birthing. You will recieve access to 6 videos, 1 hour per video, each with a different, enlightening topics to empower you towards the ecstatic birth every woman should know about.    

You deserve to feel utterly fabulous & thrive in this lifetime

Wild Birth Awakening – Online Course

The Wild Birth Awakening online course is a way to experience the the Wild Awakening Course in your own time. For 8 weeks you will receive Video content, PDF worksheets, Zoom recordings, and much more. You will also have direct contact with Sophie over Whatsapp.  

Wild Birth Awakening – Group Coaching

The Wild Birth Awakening 8 week group coaching program is for women at any stage of their pregnancy who are ready to unleash their inner goddess together and have an amazing ecstatic birth!  Group Coaching is right for you if you’re interested in working with a coach and would like to try it out as a taster, but on a less intense level than 1:1 Coaching. It’s also a good choice if you want help and support but are on a budget.


1 to 1 Coaching

You’ll learn everything you need to know about having an ecstatic birth. Powerful tools and techniques for relaxation. Essential nutrition and physiology information. Ancient birth knowledge. Unleashing your inner goddess, and taking back your power!


About Sophie Wild

Sophie is a Self Love expert & coach and has been supporting women for the past 4 years. She is extremely passionate about helping women regain their power. She believes that as women we all have the potential whatever our age or circumstance to make breakthroughs in order to live the most purposeful, connected and love filled life.

“I created this membership because I believe that we all deserve to thrive and live the most abundant and fulfilled life. This training is full of tools, techniques and support that I only wish I had.  No matter what your struggles, you have the power to create change. Your dreams really can become a reality when you realise your potential and dig deep into your truths.”

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The most important relationship we can have, is with ourselves’