Primal BirthingMethod

6 week online group




6 week

online group


How to have a natural birth in your power.

Surround yourself with the love and support of other Women.

It Takes A Village…

Sharing your experience with someone going through the same thing is the best medicine!
I understand how invaluable it is to have the right community supporting your mother-led pregnancy, birth, and postnatal experience. Who better to be there for you than a loving sisterhood of fellow expectant mothers?

That’s just what you get when you join the online Primal Birthing Method Coaching programme! It’s for women at any stage of their pregnancy who are ready to unleash their inner goddess together and have an amazing birth in their power!

Course Dates – 31st October  – 5th December

In a loving and supporting group of women stepping into their power, you’ll experience 6 weeks of transformation and preparation for your primal birth

You’ll learn powerful birthing and pregnancy tools, experience deep inner healing, and gain personal confidence and inner wisdom — while having an empathetic support group to cheer you on!

You’ll get all the learning, tools, techniques, and information that you’d get in the 1:1 Coaching programme, wrapped up in a beautiful community that will soon become your closest friends.

Enveloped in your loving new Primal Birthing community, you’ll go through this magical time knowing that you’ve always got someone to hold you, talk to, and celebrate with!

3 Step Philosophy


Mindset is everything when it comes to giving birth. Our mind is very powerful and can override our bodies ability to give birth. We have endured many years of birth conditioning through a highly patriarchal society, leaving women fearing birth on many different levels. 

Through practices and rituals we unlearn the programming and return back to our ancestral roots. We reclaim our bodies natural ability to trust birth.  



The more knowledgeable we are, the more of an expert we become, and who doesn’t want to be an expert on the greatest event of their lives.

There is a whole world of birthing knowledge outside of the very one sided mainstream knowledge that we are fed. This is the magic when it comes to having a natural birth in your power, allowing you to make the right choices for YOU.



Birthing in your power means returning back to your natural wisdom and intuition and accessing our innate feminine power.  This is deeply ingrained in all women and through exercise and ceremony we reignite this fire within you so that you become the overriding authority in your birth.             

What’s Included

  • X6 modules 
  • X6 Live online group zoom sessions, lasting 2.5 hours
  • Private whatsapp/telegram support group
  • Weekly homework rituals
  • Weekly guided meditations, visualisations and affirmations
  • Replays of each session




  • Library of resources – research documents, book & podcast recommendations & birth videos.
  • X6 pregnancy yoga video downloads
  • Sleep relaxation Meditation
  • 2 part Affirmation pack; includes a 10 page A4 print out booklet and an audio recording.
  • Monthly ‘Birth in your Power’ zoom meetups. 

What You’ll Learn

Session 1: Mindset & Vision

Welcome Circle, Mindset & Vision, Pregnancy Self Care

  • Sacred circle to welcome and introduce.
  • Understand the power of the mind on the body.
  • Unlearn birth conditionings and reconnect with ancient birthing wisdom.
  • Establish a pregnancy self care routine. 

Session 2: Womb Wisdom 

Womb Connection, Healing & Awakening, Trauma & Fear Release Therapy, Intuition & Wild Power

  • Connect to your wise sacred organ and unleash her truth.
  • Heal your womb space by clearing stored emotional trauma.
  • Practices to harness your deepest intuitive wisdom.
  • Activate your wild feminine wisdom and power.

Session 3: Birth Education 

Partner Support & Connection, Birth Preparation, Risk, Options & Alternatives. 

  • How can your partner hold a sacred space.
  • Understand the hormonal blueprint of labour.
  • Physiological birth and the holistic stages.
  • Learn variations of normal and the options available. 

Session 4:  Holistic Pregnancy & Birth:   Hypnobirthing Techniques, Relaxation, Primal Activation, Rebozo, Yoga & Embodied Movement.

  • Learn hypnobirthing breathing techniques to ease through labour surges.
  • Establish relaxation methods for a calm pregnancy & birth.
  • Explore primal birthing positions and sounds for an ecstatic birth
  • Practice rebozo techniques for baby positioning & comfort 
  • Practice womb yoga and embodied movement to get your body feeling amazing.

Session 5: Reclaim your Fourth Trimester: Postpartum Preparation, Support System & Gentle Parenting Methods

  • Putting into place all the cornerstones for your peaceful and enjoyable postpartum healing.
  • Create your support system for the first forty days and beyond.
  • Breastfeeding education, establishing breastfeeding, tips & tricks
  • Golden hour and placenta options
  • Understanding your parenting wishes & support on gentle parenting.

Session 6: Manifesting your Ecstatic Birth 

Closing Circle & Manifesting your Dream Birth.

  • Closing circle to leave you feeling deeply connected and ready for your transformational birth. 
  • Manifesting your birth beyond your wildest dreams 
  • Final questions and answers. 
  • How to move forward from here.

How you will feel: Outcomes 


Fully informed and confident in your choices and decision making.

– Clear on your dream birth, where you want to be, how you want to feel & who you want there.

– Deeply excited for your birth and your postpartum.

– Overcome limiting beliefs & fears.

– Realisation of the importance of the power of the mind over the body.

– Intune with your body and your baby.

– Respect and love for your incredible body through all its natural changes

– A deeper connection to your womb and your intuitive wisdom

– Greater understanding of your partners needs and wants and how they can support you

– Knowledge of physiological birth and the birthing industry.

– Like you are the authority of your birth.

– You will know how to prepare for your birth.

– The art of surrender and trust, letting go of control.

– Like you have an amazing toolbox full of go-to’s when you should need them.

– Partner will feel supported and like they have a role in the whole process.

– Confident in knowing that you will be supported to rest and be nourished in the fourth trimester.

– Prepared for motherhood and breastfeeding. 

– Held and supported with all the other women and couples in the group.


Your New Primal Birthing Method  Community is waiting for you



Q) Can my partner be involved?


Yes absolutely. Partners are welcomed and encouraged to join the course. Session 3 is all about partner support so if they joined any that would be the one!


Q) When is the best stage of my pregnancy to do the course?


I would recommend within your 2nd trimester, 13-28 weeks. It gives you time to integrate the practices and it’s usually when first trimester nausea has passed. However you can take this course whenever suits you. 


Q) Can I take this course if i am not pregnant yet, but planning to be in the coming months/years?


Of course. I think that it is wonderful that you are doing your preparation now, the earlier you can integrate this the better. Non pregnant women and couples are warmly welcome. 


Q) I’m planning to give birth in a hospital. Is this course right for me?


Yes this course is for every birthing woman who wants to gain greater knowledge and autonomy.  From a freebirth to a planned c section.


Q) When I’ve completed the course will I still be able to get support if i need it?


Very much so. I offer 90 minute zoom clarity calls which you can book as and when you need, and weekly unlimited whatsapp support. You will also have the community support group, set up at the beginning of the course to support you throughout your journey.


Q) I’ve previously done a hypnobirthing course, is this course still right for me?


Definitely. This course is much more in depth than a standard hypnobirthing course. In fact, this course came about from years of teaching Hypnobirthing and realising that there was more women and birthing couples needed in order to rightfully reclaim their birth. 

I guide you back to your innate power and wisdom, teach you to trust your body to birth, and help you unpack years of patriarchal disharmony and ancestral trauma that exists in the birthing world. 

What Clients Are Saying

Sophie was lovely, I felt so at ease with her immediately. We knew she was the right person to help us with this journey!

– Emma Corfield

I feel human again! I don’t feel alone like I did before. Sophie’s techniques and exercises help me daily.

– Kathryn Warburton

Just spending time calmly talking through birth with her is enough to fill you to the brim with confidence and excitement about going through birth — something I never expected!

– Rose Donell

Hey I’m Sophie Wild


I’m a pregnancy and birth coach dedicated to helping women worldwide completely transform their birth experience. 

I’m a certified health coach, yoga teacher and hypnobirthing teacher.  I specialise in womb wisdom, trauma healing, embodied movement and feminine empowerment. 

Through mindset, knowledge and powerful tools I help millennial women heal their wounds and establish a new relationship with themselves full of confidence, trust and power. 


Practices that I work with: 


  • Hypnobirthing breathing techniques 
  • Yoga-Nidra relaxation 
  • Health coaching  
  • Trauma releasing therapy  
  • Mindfulness & meditation  
  • Womb connection, healing & awakening 
  • Primal sound activation 
  • Tantric embodiment 
  • Self Love 
  • Rebozo 
  • Nutrition 
  • Pregnancy yoga 
  • Feminine empowerment 

Ready to Connect, Heal, and Awaken?

Let's Connect!  Sophie xx


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