Pregnancy Yoga

All of you conscious mummas to be will really love this mini-course. Buy it today for only £29 and I will send you 5 mini pregnancy yoga videos, perfect for short connected moments with your baby. 

The Videos are:

Womb Connection, Back & Shoulders Relief, Hip Openers, Energising Flow & Deep Relaxation.

Not sure? Try ‘Womb Connection’ now for free at the bottom of the page. 

All the love, Sophie


Buy Now for only £29

Pregnancy Yoga Videos

Get instant access to a collection of Pregnancy Yoga videos.

Sophie’s classes were a much needed pause in the week, time to focus on myself and my bond with my growing baby.  -Sarah 

 I look back so fondly at my birth and I really credit that largely to the pregnancy yoga classes I attended with Sophie. – Laura

Get 4 more videos now

Pregnancy Yoga Videos

Get instant access to a collection of Pregnancy Yoga videos.

Let love be your guide!

Are you ready for a birth most women don’t know is possible?!


Unearthing my most primal instincts, I laboured and birthed undisturbed in my home.

Instead of the pain people spoke about, I felt a pleasurable power. It was natural, the way my body was designed to give birth. There was joy and ecstasy…it was total bliss!

I experienced what can only be described as the most profound awakening of all, finding the soul of my being in the depths of surrender.

As an empowered expectant mother, I believe you have the right to:

  • Have a strong support system during pregnancy and birth to help you navigate the Western medical establishment and other options on your terms.
  • The tools and information you need to confidently experience a birth that is in alignment with your choices.
  • Feel fully empowered and supported, without anxiety or stress, knowing that you aren’t going through this alone.
  • Connect to the wisdom that exists within you, awakening the goddess that lay dormant.
  • Live in your deepest authenticity, with a wonderful connection to yourself, your baby & partner.

This is why I celebrate and coach ecstatic, woman-centered birth — to support you in connecting with your true self.

Through the deep inner work we’ll do together, you will awaken — as I did — to your true nature, and experience a wild, mother-led pregnancy, primal birth, and a blissful transition into motherhood.

Let’s do this together — not just for me, or for you, but for all our sisters, mothers, and ancestors.

Let’s shake it up, one ecstatic birth at a time.

I'm ready to birth in power! 


Let's Connect!  Sophie xx


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