-How we breath during labour can change the way we experience birth-


The process of birth is stimulated by the release of Oxytocin, commonly known as “the love hormone”.  In order for the body to release oxytocin we must feel completely relaxed.  To relax we often think about hot bath’s, spas or a massage. But did you know the most powerful relaxation tool we have is our breath. 

Learning to control the breath could literally transform your birth from stress and fear, to calm and relaxed.

Our breath is our gateway to our body’s automatic control panel. This panel makes the decision for which hormones are released and when. Women who are relaxed and comfortable release oxytocin more freely supporting the body’s natural ability to birth. 

Even though labour can be uncomfortable we can trick our body’s control panel into thinking we are relaxed and comfortable, by breathing deep, and slow.    

It sounds simple and it is, so let’s practice. 

Sit in a still, quiet place. 

Ground your feet, sit tall.  Place your hands on your lap, roll your shoulders up, back and down… and relax your jaw. 

Now close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in through your nose, breathing deep into your belly. Then very slowly blow your breath out through your lips, a bit like a gentle whistle. 

Imagine as you breathe in something floating or rising in your body, like clouds, a hot air balloon or a sunrise. As you breathe out let go of your tension or fears. 

Repeat at least 6 times to stimulate the “relaxation response” and the release of those lovely hormones. 

Not only will you feel calmer, your baby will too!