-The Rising of the Feminine-


There is a distortion of power, a wounding in the feminine, many women are handing themselves over to the medical system, unaware of the consequences.  Women are suffering… and it doesn’t have to be this way. 

We live in fear, disconnected from our bodies.  

In order for a woman to experience a calm, gentle birth in her power, she must inhabit her body and heal her wounds;  because it is my belief that we can heal the world one birth at a time.

I used to live in fear. I used to be afraid of birth. 

Not any more. Birth excites me. Birth is amazing!

Each woman has an innate feminine power within her, an inner wise woman.  The journey through pregnancy and birth is to remember her, trust her, and let her be your guide.  

We all hold onto stories!

  • Previous rights of passage
  • Generational trauma 
  • Our birth 
  • Childhood wounds 
  • Introduction to menarche (first bleed) and our menstrual cycle
  • Unhealthy body image
  • Cultural story

The preparation of birth begins with awareness, awareness of our stories. We must recognise the themes and patterns that have played out over our lives, and the belief systems and fears that consume us.  

It is our responsibility to do something about this, to heal our wounds and rediscover who we are.  Every moment we have a choice, a choice to choose love over fear, and to choose our body over our mind.  

Trust and release your fears.

When we become deeply connected to our body and our innate feminine power, we have the ability to experience a mother centered pregnancy and an ecstatic birth beyond our wildest dreams.   

This is available to all women. 

The only person that can change this is YOU.

YOU hold the power.

Together as women, mothers, daughters and sisters we rise. 

So,  what are you bringing to birth?