Mini-Course Part 1

Preparing you and your baby for the birth you body wants.


Part 1…

Click for your first steps to an ecstatic birth.

First, download the PDF below.

Read the introduction page.

Grab a note book and pen.

Then, watch the 3 videos below.

The next 3 videos will arrive via email tomorrow. xx

a much needed pause in the week, time to focus on myself and my bond with my growing baby.  _Sarah 

Video 1 – Step into your power.

 I look back so fondly at my birth – Laura

Video 2 – Understanding Fears.

[Sophie] puts you at ease and builds your confidence in preparation for the birth of your baby -Charlotte

Video 3 – Womb Connection.

End of Part 1.

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Ready to Connect, Heal, and Awaken?
Let’s connect with a clarity call.

Are you ready for a birth most women don’t know is possible?!


Unearthing my most primal instincts, I laboured and birthed undisturbed in my home.

Instead of the pain people spoke about, I felt a pleasurable power. It was natural, the way my body was designed to give birth. There was joy and ecstasy…it was total bliss!

I experienced what can only be described as the most profound awakening of all, finding the soul of my being in the depths of surrender.

As an empowered expectant mother, I believe you have the right to:

  • Have a strong support system during pregnancy and birth to help you navigate the Western medical establishment and other options on your terms.
  • The tools and information you need to confidently experience a birth that is in alignment with your choices.
  • Feel fully empowered and supported, without anxiety or stress, knowing that you aren’t going through this alone.
  • Connect to the wisdom that exists within you, awakening the goddess that lay dormant.
  • Live in your deepest authenticity, with a wonderful connection to yourself, your baby & partner.

This is why I celebrate and coach ecstatic, woman-centered birth — to support you in connecting with your true self.

Through the deep inner work we’ll do together, you will awaken — as I did — to your true nature, and experience a wild, mother-led pregnancy, primal birth, and a blissful transition into motherhood.

Let’s do this together — not just for me, or for you, but for all our sisters, mothers, and ancestors.

Let’s shake it up, one ecstatic birth at a time.

Ready to Connect, Heal, and Awaken?
Let's connect with a clarity call.

Let's Connect! xx Sophie


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