Wild Birth Awakening

Find your tribe of soul sisters on this 8 week discovery of truth and power.

Surround yourself by love and support, with nourishing coaching

It Takes A Village…

Sharing your experience with someone going through the same thing is the best medicine!
I understand how invaluable it is to have the right community supporting your mother-led pregnancy, wild & natural birth, and postnatal experience. Who better to be there for you than a loving sisterhood of fellow expectant mothers?

That’s just what you get when you join the online Wild Birth Awakening Coaching program! It’s for women at any stage of their pregnancy who are ready to unleash their inner goddess together and have an amazing ecstatic birth!

Group Coaching is right for you if you’re interested in working with a coach and would like to try it out as a taster, but on a less intense level than 1:1 Coaching. It’s also a good choice if you want help and support but are on a budget. If you simply would love the support of other mummas on their journey to a natural, ecstatic birth, you’ll find Wild Birth Awakening Group Coaching is ideal!

In a loving and supporting group of fellow mummas stepping into their power, you’ll experience 8 weeks of transformation and preparation for your ecstatic birth

You’ll learn powerful birthing and pregnancy tools, experience deep inner healing, and gain personal confidence and inner wisdom — while having an empathetic support group to cheer you on!

You’ll get all the learning, tools, techniques, and information that you’d get in the 1:1 Coaching programme, wrapped up in a beautiful community that will soon become your closest friends.

Enveloped in your loving new ecstatic goddess community and supportive coaching, you’ll go through this magical time knowing that you’ve always got someone to hold you, talk to, and celebrate with!

How It Works

Wild Birth Awakening Group Coaching is done entirely online. Once you’re in the programme, you’ll receive a course content and coaching call schedule . Before each scheduled session, I send a Zoom link to your email. Zoom is a reliable, easy-to-use, and free video chat app. You can use it on your computer, phone, or tablet — so we can do coaching calls from wherever is most convenient for you. At the designated time, simply click on the link to open the app, sign in, and we’re all chatting together just like that!

What’s Included

  • 8 Week Online Group Coaching programme
  • 1 x One on One session with Sophie
  • 4 x Online Group Sessions
  • Worksheets & Checklists
  • Downloadable MP3s
  • Streaming Videos 
  • Private Facebook/Whatsapp Group

What You’ll Learn

Module 1 : Fears & Blocks

Module 2: Forgiveness & Letting Go

Module 3 : Womb Wisdom – Connecting, Healing & Awakening

Module 4: Birth Imprinting & Manifestation

Module 5: Breathwork & Pleasure

Module 6: Embodied Movement & Positions

Module 7: Trust & Intuition

Module 8 : Birthing Wisdom

Module 9: Choices

Module 10: Self Worth + Value

Module 11: Stepping into your Purpose & Power

Module 12: Postnatal Support & Healing

As you step into your mumma power together – on your way to a natural, ecstatic birth experience as was meant to be… 

Your New Wild Birth Awakening  Community is waiting for you

Simply click the button below to fill in the application form. We’ll get you registered for Wild Birth Awakening Group Coaching to help you experience a joyful, primal, ecstatic birth. You’ll join a sisterhood of empowered women on a journey to ecstatic birth!

What Clients Are Saying

Sophie was lovely, I felt so at ease with her immediately. We knew she was the right person to help us with this journey!

– Emma Corfield

I feel human again! I don’t feel alone like I did before. Sophie’s techniques and exercises help me daily.

– Kathryn Warburton

Just spending time calmly talking through birth with her is enough to fill you to the brim with confidence and excitement about going through birth — something I never expected!

– Rose Donell

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