Wild Women’s Society

The Wild Women’s Society is a global community of women exploring & celebrating a journey to self love & freedom.

Just like you may have a membership for a gym, this investment is for you, your growth and your self worth. This is a membership for your soul.

This is like having someone hold your hand through all the ups and downs.. A safe place to feel supported with a tribe of likeminded women. To feel held, loved and nurtured.

You deserve to feel utterly fabulous & thrive in this lifetime

are you ready to explore self love and freedom?

Who’s it for?

For women on a journey of self growth and development, that are looking for consistent support.

This is for women who are passionate about taking their relationship with themselves to the next level. Women who want to see themselves and their lives in a brighter light.

It’s for women who are looking to connect with other goddesses. To share, inspire and grow together.

 Example of themes

Dissolving limiting beliefs
The art of gratitude
Letting go
Inner child healing
Conscious relationships
Manifesting your wildest dreams
Connecting with you why
Unconditional love towards yourself
Body love
Connecting to your natural rhythm
Awakening the voice within
Releasing fear
Finding stillness

What’s Included?

Included each month you will receive..

  • A themed group coaching workshop with Sophie via zoom (recording sent via email if you miss it)
  • Homework to integrate further into the topic
  • Live Q&A with Sophie to immerse yourself deeper
  • Guest speaker video with some inspirational coaches & experts.

Also included is..

  • Exclusive access to an intimate Facebook group
  • Access to a bundle of resources* …that is always growing
  • First pick & discounts on all Sophie’s workshops & retreats
  • Personal monthly meetup circle in Sophie’s community

*All the content & workbooks, yoga videos, meditations, relaxations, visulisations, blogs, articles, recipes..  And much more

About Sophie Wild

Sophie is a Self Love expert & coach and has been supporting women for the past 4 years. She is extremely passionate about helping women regain their power. She believes that as women we all have the potential whatever our age or circumstance to make breakthroughs in order to live the most purposeful, connected and love filled life.

“I created this membership because I believe that we all deserve to thrive and live the most abundant and fulfilled life. This training is full of tools, techniques and support that I only wish I had.  No matter what your struggles, you have the power to create change. Your dreams really can become a reality when you realise your potential and dig deep into your truths.”

love yourself


The most important relationship we can have, is with ourselves’