Womb Wisdom

Connect & heal your womb space.

A 6 week online, group coaching, course

Begins 21st September 2020

Connection to her womb is every woman’s right. 

It’s crazy isn’t it, how most of us go through life with no real connection to our womb!

Yet the womb is the mystical centre of our feminine body and the beginning of all of our creative energy!


🌺 We bleed from it every month.

🌺 We experience pleasure from it.

🌺 We grow human life in it.

🌺 We birth human life from it


It literally is a MAGIC miracle. ✨

Are you ready to connect to your divine feminine?

love yourself


The most important relationship we can have, is with ourselves’

This Course Will Show You How To…

🌟 bring awareness to your womb on a level you have never done before.

🌟 heal your energetic trauma stored within your womb – to include any unpleasant tests, undesired sex, negative talk, traumatic births.

🌟 harness your sacred feminine power that lies within all of us. 

🌟 gain deeper understanding and connection of your menstrual cycle

🌟 tap into your never-ending pot of creative energy

So that you can…..

💥 Create a loving relationship with your womb

💥 Heal your womb trauma

💥 Unleash your feminine power.

💥 Connect to your intuition and speak your truth.

💥 Trust yourself and your body

💥 Conceive life, a business or a project 

💥 Have a deeper connection to your menstrual cycle

 💥Connect deeper to your unborn baby

💥 Experience more intimacy and pleasure

Connect to your sacred organ and begin living a life with more connection, passion and power.

How it works:

Live 75 minute zoom session every Tuesday 6pm GMT

A  zoom link will be emailed to you each week.

If you can’t make a live session, each session will be recorded and sent to you so you can catch up or re-watch any time. 


£285 if booked by Midnight Friday 4th September

**25% OFF**

Payment plan £105  X3 

£380 from 5th September 

Payment plan X3 £140


Course Modules 

Module 1: Womb connection

Module 2: Womb healing

Module 3: Sacred feminine power

Module 4: Menstrual cycle

Module 5: Intuition & trust

Module 6: Creative energy

About Sophie Wild

Sophie is a Self Love expert & coach and has been supporting women for the past 4 years. She is extremely passionate about helping women regain their power. She believes that as women we all have the potential whatever our age or circumstance to make breakthroughs in order to live the most purposeful, connected and love filled life.

“I created this membership because I believe that we all deserve to thrive and live the most abundant and fulfilled life. This training is full of tools, techniques and support that I only wish I had.  No matter what your struggles, you have the power to create change. Your dreams really can become a reality when you realise your potential and dig deep into your truths.”