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Work With Me

Why You Deserve An Ecstatic Birth

Let’s talk the truth. Nothing is more sacred and profound in a woman’s life than the act of giving birth. Yet for many, that act is shrouded in fear, old stories, and surrendering their power. After personally experiencing a profound inner transformation and the joy of an ecstatic birth, I’ve made it my mission to help you reclaim your power.

Feeling excitement, joy, and primal energy as your child is born naturally and undisturbed, as it was intended, is your right as a goddess of the sacred feminine. It is the basic wisdom encoded within our ancestors’ lineage that we possess, once awakened to our true nature. I’m here to help guide you back to this magic you have within you, so that all your dreams are met.

I’m bringing you the tools and knowledge needed to experience pleasure in your body beyond compare during a natural, wild, ecstatic birth. Together, we will create a space for you to birth in your power. I believe that this is what you — and all women — deserve.

Is a Wild, Natural, Ecstatic Birth for You?

Having a wild and free birth will unearth your primal instincts. It will expose, yet welcome, most vulnerable parts of you. It’s an intense process, going deep inwards to find yourself so awoken, whole, and alive!

Let’s get real about ecstatic birth — it’s not for everybody. Connecting to this process takes dedication & commitment. It takes time, slowness, stillness. But the rewards for embracing this journey are beyond your imagination. This is why I offer coaching, retreats, and courses for women like you.

This brings us to the big question: Is working with me towards a wild, natural, ecstatic birth right for you? Are you…

  • Ready to break away from typical medical birthing experience, which is not in alignment with you or your values?
  • Wanting to have a natural, undisturbed, unviolated birth with minimal intervention — by learning a different, better, and ancient way of birthing?
  • Desiring a mother-led pregnancy and birth?
  • Seeking to fully step into your power through an inward connection to your womb space, working through your fears, and learning techniques and tools for a calm and primal birth?
  • Needing to be supported and held through your entire pregnancy and birth by one trusted person, who is your supportive go-to hub for everything?

Do any of these questions resonate in your soul and heart space?

If you find yourself saying “Yes!” — I’m here to help you along your pregnancy journey.

It’s time for you to awaken and step into your power — and to choose birthing in that power, ecstatically

My Promise To You

I promise that while working with you and guiding your journey to an ecstatic birth, you will always receive:

  • The Support You Need – You will have all the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical support you need to go through this journey. You won’t have to face any of it alone.
  • All the Elements in Place – All my offerings are designed to make sure all the elements are in place in order for you and your baby to experience a sacred birth experience. 
  • Total Confidentiality – Any and all information that you share is always kept confidential.

Ecstatic Birth Transformation 1:1 Coaching

I walk hand-in-hand with you through a process of total awakening. Together in private 1:1 coaching sessions, we’ll shift beliefs, tap into ancient birthing wisdom, embrace healing modalities, learn empowering birthing techniques, and discover deep connections to your womb and inner self. Includes a birth debrief session and postpartum support.

Ecstatic Goddess Group Coaching

In a loving and supporting online group of fellow pregnant mummas stepping into their power, you’ll experience 8 weeks of transformation and preparation for your ecstatic birth. You’ll learn powerful birthing and pregnancy tools, experience deep inner healing, and gain personal confidence and power — while having an empathetic support group to cheer you on.

Wild Pregnancy Women’s Retreat

A 4-day luxury retreat specially designed for pregnant women to receive Wild Pregnancy & Primal Birthing Coaching in a supportive, private environment. It features birth preparation workshops, ceremonies, pregnancy yoga, relaxation, massage and sound healing — all to help connect, heal, and support you on your journey.

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